MaxiCharger DC Fast 60kW-240kW with 20kW Increments

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger

Flexible Charging Port Options

Available with 2x CCS, or 1x CCS and 1x CHAdeMO connector.

Safe & Reliable

Certified to UL and CSA standards, NEMA 3R Rated for Outdoor Application, with Standard 2 Year Warranty.

27-Inch Touchscreen Display & LED Indicator

Display Charging Statistics, Such As: SOC, Cost, kWh.

Easy to Install & Service

Once placed into position, Charger Maintenance can be performed by just one Qualified Person.

Smart Cloud Portal & OCPP Capability

Enable Site Hosts to Control the Charger and Collect Revenue.

Manage Any OCPP Compatible

Chargers Using Our Cloud Portal.

Remote Update & Diagnostics

Supported by Autel. Charge Cloud + App SaaS system, Reduce Operational Costs.

Plug & Charge Capable

Supports ISO 15118 Standard.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Balance the Load to Better Adapt to Your Infrastructure.

Key Functions & Features

High-Speed Charging

Up to 240kW of Power

Modular Power

Flexible, Upgradable, and Expandable

27-Inch Screen

Promotional Advertising or Informational Display

High Quality

Reliable, Weatherproof, Robust

The Most Flexible DC Fast Chargers

Expandable Power

Modular 20kW Increments

Multiple Connectors

Dual CCS or CCS + CHAdeMO​


Multiple Cables

CCS1 or CCS1 Boost

DCFC 60kW-240kW

60kw: UF060XXXXX

80kw: UF080XXXXX

100kw: UF100XXXXX

120kw: UF120XXXXX

140kw: UF140XXXXX

160kw: UF160XXXXX

180kw: UF180XXXXX

200kw: UF200XXXXX

220kw: UF220XXXXX

240kw: UF240XXXXX

The "xxxxx" portion of product part number represents the various product configurations.


Up to 240kW of DC charging power. Replenish up to 62 miles of range after only 5 minutes of charging. 400 amp boost cable available for industry leading charging speeds.

27-inch Advertising Screen

Custom branding and revenue generating options available through our 27-inch advertising screen.


Charging safety ensured by multiple technologies including Type A RCD, insulation detection and continuous monitoring.

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)

Advanced charging management to prevent over-current. Number of vehicles charged at the same time can be increased to boost revenue.


Chargers can be customized according to customer needs with 60-240kW power configuration range, 18ft or 25ft cable lengths, different logo and color options, etc.

Rugged & Reliable

Our innovative housing design with industry leading component protection enables reliable operation in the harshest environments. MaxiCharger DC Fast products come with a standard 2 year warranty which can be extended up to 5 years.

Advanced Detection

Assess battery SOH and achieve battery safety pre-warning via analysis of real-time data from charger + cloud + vehicle.

High Adaptability

Integrated with OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). With CHAdeMO and CCS connectors.

One-Stop Service

Pre-sales consultation, after-sales support, and 24/7 support teams.

Low Noise

Operating volume below 65dB. With low noise and high power.

Remote Management

The Autel Charge app and Autel Charge Cloud, enable worry-free ownership with remote management, updates and fault detection alerts.

Convenient Design

Modular power module and available update slots enable easy on-site installation and convenient maintenance.

Multiple Payment Methods

Payment via app, RFID card, POS machine.

Technical Specifications

Part Numbers

DCFC 60KW-120KW:

60kW: UF060xxxxx; 80kW: UF080xxxxx;

100kW: UF100xxxxx; 120kW: UF120xxxxx

DCFC 140KW-240KW:

140kW: UF140xxxxx; 160kW: UF160xxxxx;

180kW: UF180xxxxx; 200kW: UF200xxxxx;

220kW: UF220xxxxx; 240kW: UF240xxxxx

The "xxxxx" portion of the product part number represents the various product configurations.


Connector Option*

DCFC 60KW-120KW:

60kW: UF060xxxxx; 80kW: UF080xxxxx;

DCFC 140KW-240KW:

Dual CCS1/CCS1 Boost, or CCS1 + CHAdeMO

Maximum AC Input Current (A)

DCFC 60KW-120KW:

60kW: 91A; 80kW: 120A; 100kW: 148A; 120kW: 177A

DCFC 140KW-240KW:

140kW: 206A; 160kW: 234A; 180kW: 263A; 200kW: 292A;

220kW: 321A; 240kW: 349A

Norminal Input AC Current

DCFC 60KW-120KW:

60kW: 78A; 80kW: 104A; 100kW: 130A; 120kW: 156A

Based On kW

DCFC 140KW-240KW:

140kW: 181A; 160kW: 207A; 180kW: 233A; 200kW: 259A;

220kW: 285A; 240kW: 311A

Input Voltage Range

480 V AC - 15 % to +10 % @ 60 Hz

DC Output Voltage

CCS1: 150 to 950 V DC; CHAdeMO: 150 to 500 V DC

Network Type

TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, & TT (External RCD** Required)

AC Input Connection

3P + PE (No Neutral)


Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, Ground-Fault, Over-Temperature, Short-Circuit, Insulation Monitor (IMD), & Surge Protection

Overvoltage Category

AC Side (Input) OVC: III

Power Factor (>50% Load)

≥ 0.98

THDI (>50% Load)

≤ 5 %

Peak Efficiency

≥ 96 %

Standby Power

80 W

Short Circuit Current Rating

≥ 65 kA

Energy Metering

Class A

User Interface & Communication


Internet Access Via 4G / Wi-Fi / Ethernet (RJ 45)

User Authentication

QR Code, RFID, Credit Card (Optional)

ISO 15118 Plug & Charge


DIN 70121



27” LCD High-Contrast Touchscreen (15.6” Optional)

Accessible For Wheel Chair Users


Communications Protocols

OCPP 1.6 JSON, OCPP 2.0.1 (Can Be Upgraded Later)

RFID Reader

ISO 14443 A+B to Part 4 & ISO/IEC 15693, Mifare, NFC, Calypso, Ultralight, PayPass, HID & More

Emergency Button


Software Update

OTA Update Via Web Portal

Control And Configuration

Web Portal, On-Board Service Portal

General Characteristics

Protection Ratings

NEMA 3R Outdoor Use & IK-10

Enclosure Type

Stainless Steel 430

Operation Altitude

6561 Ft. (6561 to 9843 Ft. with Power Derating)

Operation Temperature

-31 °F to +131 °F (+122 °F to +131 °F with Linear Power Derating)

Storage Temperature

-40 °F to +158 °F

Noise Level

< 65 dB @1 m/25 °/Full Load/800 VDC


Free-Standing Cabinet

Cable Length

15 ft (Optional: 20 or 25 ft)

Dimentions (H X W X D)

DCFC 60KW-120KW:

76.8" x 32.3" x 23.6" (1950 x 820 x 600mm

DCFC 140KW-240KW:

76.8"x 32.3"x 27.6" (1950 x 820 x 700 mm)

Certification and Standards

Safety and Compliance

UL 2202, UL 2231-1, UL 2231-2, NEC Article 625, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-16

EMC compliance

FCC Part 15 Class A, Class B (Optional)


24 months, warranty extension possible

* CCS1 Max 200A, CCS1 Boost 300A (Max 400A) ** RCD: Residual Current Detector For Ground Fault Protection

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