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As the demand for EV charging continues to grow, Autel offers the perfect solutions for any commercial application. Businesses evolve with the changing needs of their customer. With Autel commercial charging, you can now appeal to a broader audience, provide simple solutions for every type of customer, and adapt to their needs effortlessly. 

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From shopping malls to hotels to supermarkets, all types of businesses are making the transition to meet EV customer needs. Making charging easy and convenient gives your customers the time and peace of mind to shop, stay, and feel secure that their vehicle is in good hands. 

Electric Charging Stations

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With Autel hardware, software, and continuous support, we provide a turnkey solution to your charging needs. Our worry-free service includes on-site consulting and planning, technical support, installation, and warranty. 

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Customers want to know that your business cares not only about their charging needs, but also about the air we breathe. Providing Autel charging solutions is the perfect way to take action and contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet.

MaxiCharger DC Fast 60kW-240kW with 20kW Increments

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charger

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Take Charge of Charging

With our one-stop SaaS solution, you can easily manage your charging network all in one place. Our charging management software lets you track and manage EV charging right from your smartphone or computer, allowing you full visibility and understanding. 

SaaS solution

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NEMA 4 protection

Industry-Leading Environmental Resistance

Autel commercial chargers are designed to fit all locations and conditions. Whether your site is indoors or out, our chargers are built to withstand exposure to the elements.

With industry-leading NEMA 4 protection, our products exceed the market standards for water and dust resistance, ensuring your chargers stay clean and dry.

Smart & Adaptable

The MaxiCharger AC Elite Business allows for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet or 4G cellular connection, giving you the flexibility to connect the way that works best for you.

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Bluetooth, WiFi, ethernet, 4G and App


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Customer Support

We’re here every step of the way. Autel offers , 24/7 technical support, answering your questions and guiding you through processes to make sure your charging experience is smooth and effortless.

Customer Support
MaxiCharger Home 50A EV Charger

Commercial Installation

With Autel’s experienced nationwide partners, installation is a breeze. Offering comprehensive consultations and personalized assessments, we tailor our process around your specific needs and your unique environment.

Electric Car Stations


Our specialized partners will assess the power and location to fit your charging requirements. 

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A Partner
You Can Trust:

If you are working with a preferred local provider, our experienced team will guide them through every step of the process. 

ev station


Our simple charging architecture is adaptable to meet your specific configuration needs. 

The Autel EV Charge Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on the latest EV Charger innovations and product announcements from Autel.


The Autel EV Charge Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on the latest EV Charger innovations and product announcements from Autel.